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1) What do you charge for delivery? 

We charge a one time fee for delivery, setup and the eventual pickup of the unit.

 depending on your location.

2) What brand of units do you offer?

I only use Schwinn and Nautilis. They are a dependable brand with great technical support.

3) Am I responsible if the unit stops working?

No, that is on me, I will come with a new unit, usually within a day or two and replace it for free.

4) Is there a minimal amount of time

I need to rent the unit?

My rentals are month to month. At the end of your monthly rental period, I will call and ask you if you want to continue to rent or would you like for me to arrange pickup of the unit.

5) Do you take insurance?

I do not, however, I will provide an invoice for you to be able to turn into your insurance company.

6) Do you ever sell your units?

Yes, each month that you rent, half of that rental can be applied to purchasing the unit. 

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